Duotone Madness!

So lately among the hustle and bustle of college life being a parent and losing my job, I have fallen in love with Photoshop. What started off as a very turbulent relationship has now developed into an obsessive staying up until two in the morning unhealthy excitingly brilliant one. When I’m in work I’m wondering what it’s doing without me. When I open it up on a college computer and see the work space all changed around I get jealous and wonder who else it’s been hanging out with and what have they been doing together? Are they better than me? Do they love it like I do? Probably. Anyway my point – Hearts for Photoshop.

Unfortunately I only get play with it when I’ve use of work’s laptop because I’m still saving for my own Mac Pro (dreams of a poor girl) so I’m still a complete novice but if I could I would live and breath Photoshop. Is it weird I finally have a work/hobby that I really enjoy. Hoorah!!

Anyway, today has been Duotone Saturday. I’ve spent the entire day duotoning any photo Iv’e ever taken then trying it out with different colors and not being able to settle on which one I like best so now I have about ten copies of every picture I’ve ever taken in any and every color mix you can think of.

So far I’m mostly watching YouTube videos and practicing the effects on photo’s I’ve taken on my phone which doesn’t give as good of an effect as photo’s taken on a DSLR or the likes (more dreams of a poor girl) but still look pretty cool.

I’ll write up about more and share photo’s of my adventures with Photoshop and the different effects we explore together soon, I’d absolutely love any feedback or new suggestions of things I could create, cool hacks and what not so feel free to comment below! 🙂


Helen & Photoshop (We’re dating)






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