Chalkboard Paint! Bedroom Edition

So recently I have been trying to decorate my home. I live in rented accommodation so for a long time I didn’t see the point of spending money on a house that isn’t forever going to be my home. Until I realized that once again that’s just me waiting for the future, why can’t I have what I want now.

“When do we want it? NOW! right!?”

As a creative person a home that is tailored to my personality is so important to me. Make your home your own and you’ll feel happier for it. If you’re in rented accommodation obviously you don’t have to go knocking down walls and building extensions but a lick of paint in a colour that you love and some accessories can sooth your soul when you’re at home.

I used to cringe when Id have guests over and not because my house was messy or poorly kept, but because it wasn’t me.

Expressing yourself is so important in life and you can do it all kinds of ways. So my mission as of late is to do it through my home decor!

Now like I said I am in rented accommodation and I’m also a student and a single mom so It’s home makeover on a nearly non existent budget. Challenge accepted. (also I’m lucky enough to have an amazing landlord who gives me free rein with a paintbrush so you should probably check first not all landlords are so laid back. boo.)

Above is my Son’s bedroom 🙂 This was originally the spare room which was all cream everything and stacked high with junk. I used to peep in every now and again and just imagine the possibilities! As my son has gotten older he’s also managed to accumulate a small toy shops worth of merch. So finally I had a valid excuse to use the bigger spare room 😀

So on a budget I began to prepare what Id need a few weeks before, hand picking up one thing per week.

£16 – White Paint Woodies DIY (huge tub)

£24 –  Magnetic blackboard paint Doyles Hardware (two tins)

£22 – White satin door and skirting paint, Woodies DIY (Could literally do the whole house with this it lasts forever)

£40 – new bedding!

Once I had everything the rest was easy (if you love painting like I do that is). I managed to get in done in two weekends and now my gloomy spare room is a cool bright room that expresses my son and the things he loves.







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