The first draft of anything is sh*t.

The quote above is one of many from Ernest Hemingway. And like many things he said\wrote he couldn’t be more on point.

As a self proclaimed writer I know what its like to write draft upon draft upon draft (and most of the time it’s still sh*t). Tirelessly adding taking away putting it back taking it away screwing it up throwing it away starting it again changing it completely then making it the same.

How many drafts is enough drafts? can you over draft? Yes. But how do you know when you’re done? Thing is you don’t, you just kinda have to trust your gut. I mean yeah you can let people read it and take on board what they say and that’s all part of the re-writing process but there is, however a sense of a stopping point to the cycle of making and reflecting and that’s down to you. Not everyone will love what you write, but that’s kind of the beauty of it really don’t you think? If everyone liked everything nothing would stand out.

I had the experience awhile ago of writing to completion my first ever short screenplay. Now, I’m quite proud of it, not because I think its going to be the next Oscar winner from Ireland throwing ‘Stutterer’ off the pedestal (fingers crossed) but because I finished it. I have millions of idea’s everyday but when it comes to writing them down, beating them out, learning to take criticism as a gift and not personally it’s not easy! I have the attention span of a fish and although I have this amazing imagination that the realms seem to be boundless I find it hard to focus in on one thing, but I did it!

As a semi newb to this whole writing thing and everything iv’e read/listened too on/from writers, blogs & podcasts it all boils down to writing it down. Just write it down anywhere napkins,your phone,your leg heck write it on your face if you have to. Then pick something from it and write more about that and yes it could all turn out to be a giant piece of poop but at least its your piece of poop and it’s the beginning of your journey of having something crap and using everything you can to make it great. Take the failures they’ll come in plenty, use them and enjoy them because they will become your jumping ground to success.



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